Charter Communications is expected to begin carrying Los Angeles Dodgers baseball games starting Tuesday, the first time a broader swath of residents in the region will have access to those baseball matchups in more than a year, according to a spokesman for the company.

The move comes as  a direct result of Charter’s bid to acquire Time Warner Cable for more than $56 million. The news was reported previously by the Los Angeles Times.

Time Warner Cable is the backer of SportsNet LA, the Dodgers-owned network that carries the games, and had been the only cable distributor of the  privately owned channel. Rivals like Charter, DirecTV and Cox all resisted airing the network, saying the price sought by Time Warner Cable for carriage rights was too high.

Time Warner Cable covers more than 80% of the Los Angeles pay-TV market. Subscribers to other services have only been able to watch Dodgers games made available nationally via ESPN, Fox or Fox Sports 1.

Time Warner Cable had sought more than $4 per subscriber per month, according to press reports. That would put the fees for SportsNet LA on par with those charged for national sports networks like ESPN and ESPN2.

Time Warner Cable paid a hefty sum for rights to carry the Dodgers games, agreeing to a pact valued at $8.35 billion over 25 years, per a valuation that had been made available by the Dodgers and Major League Baseball and reported by the Los Angeles Times.