Chad L. Coleman, best known for playing fan favorite Tyreese on “The Walking Dead” and Cutty on “The Wire,” unleashed a rant on a New York subway on Friday.

The rant was recorded by a passenger and obtained by TMZ in a nearly four-minute video. In it, Coleman can be seen walking up and down the aisle, yelling at passengers in the profanity-filled monolog.

“Yes! I’m Chad L. Coleman! I’m on ‘The Wire,’ I’m on ‘The Walking Dead,’ I’m not trying to play no f—ing games with you!” the actor yells.

He also encouraged those on the train to record it: “If you need to write about, if you need to record it, get your phone out. And when you record what I said, tell me what the f— you exposed: nothing but the truth.”

“Where is my humanitarian?” he shouted at one person. “If you care, f—ing care!”

TMZ reached out to Coleman, who said he was completely sober at the time of the outburst. He clarified that the humanitarian comments were in reference to the current events and riots in Baltimore.

Coleman spent three season on HBO’s acclaimed drama “The Wire” and joined AMC hit “The Walking Dead” in 2012.

Watch the full video below.