Bradley Cooper has set a return date to appear on his new CBS drama “Limitless.”

The actor, who is an exec producer of the series, will reprise his role of Sen. Edward Morra in the Oct. 27 episode.

Cooper played the role in the 2011 feature film of the same name, when his character was a struggling writer who unlocks his brain’s full potential after ingesting a drug known as NZT. He also appears in the series’ pilot, with his character having graduated to a politico who provides new lead Brian Finch (Jake McDorman) with a temporary inoculation from the severe side effects of the brain-enhancing drug. In the upcoming episode, Brian’s physical and mental health are weakening and Morra is back with another inoculation — but at a cost.

“Limitless” executive producer Craig Sweeny announced this news during the show’s panel at New York Comic-Con, but viewers have known that Cooper’s return was a possibility.

“Bradley really has been so committed to the show and he has every intention of coming back,” Sweeney told journalists last summer at the show’s Television Critics Association press day. “We’ve been talking quite a bit about how to bring him back and in what capacity. And a lot of what the pilot has set up for you is that he is this mysterious figure whose agenda is very, very unclear. You can’t tell if he’s good or if he’s bad. Certainly, there’s something going on there. The plan is that there may be people who speak for him, but Eddie will return.”

The timing of the Cooper cameo is well-played by CBS; the episode airs on the same night and time that ABC is premiering its serial killer drama “Wicked City.”