Bobby Flay has three series returning to the Food Network schedule this summer, and a new series, “Bobby Flay Fit,” starting in January. This fall will also see the arrival of his 13th cookbook, “Brunch at Bobby’s,” from Clarkson Potter.

One thing Flay will not be doing during his visit to Southern California for the Walk of Fame ceremony is scout out a location for a West Coast eatery.

“I’m afraid of the market,” he says of Los Angeles. “I’m a New Yorker and I pretend to understand what it takes to be successful, but L.A. is confusing to me. I have received offers but I don’t know that I can be successful. As a restaurateur, sometimes I just have to sit on my hands and not do it.”

Come June, Flay returns to Food Network with the fifth season of “Beat Bobby Flay” and the 11th season of “Food Network Star” and, in September, season six of “Brunch at Bobby’s.”

“Bobby Flay Fit,” produced like his other shows by his Rock Shrimp Prods. shingle, will focus on healthy menu planning and exercise. It is a reflection of what he sees his restaurant customers request.

“The demand for quality grows on a daily basis,” he says. “The consumer wants food that is healthy, flavorful and a good value. There is less room for error because there are so many wonderful chefs and restaurants out there that if you rest on your laurels, you’ll be left behind.”

While still developing shows, on the restaurant side, Flay is content to continue to see how his year-old New York restaurant Gato will evolve. Even with a new restaurant and a slate of shows, Flay is finding he can take time to catch his breath on occasion.

“When I was younger, I didn’t stop to smell the roses much,” Flay says. “I’m enjoying being 50. I’m savoring the 20 years I’ve been on the Food Network and getting the star on Hollywood Boulevard is an amazing moment. I’ll savor what I’ve accomplish and then move on to the next 50 years.”