Watch: Benedict Cumberbatch Impersonates Otters With Johnny Depp, Graham Norton

Benedict Cumberbatch Makes Otter Faces With Johnny Depp, Graham Norton
Courtesy of BBC

Benedict Cumberbatch put his acting skills to the real test by doing his best otter impression on “The Graham Norton Show.”

Cumberbatch stopped by the show along with “Black Mass” co-star Johnny Depp on Friday, and Norton seized the opportunity to remind Cumberbatch of the Tumblr dedicated to comparing his facial expressions to those made by otters.

“His fans decided that he looked very [much] like an otter,” Norton says.

“I’m sorry?” Depp says.

Cumberbatch goes on to mimic the otter photos Norton presents to him, including “angry otter” and “‘Why I oughta’ otter,” among many others.

“Is this a casting for my next role as an otter?” Cumberbatch deadpans.

Depp and Norton even get in on the action to help Cumberbatch recreate a photo of three otters cuddling. Depp fully commits, going so far as to kiss Cumberbatch on the cheek. Cumberbatch is put to the real test when he is forced to pose with a massive teddy bear, which is so large that Depp walks to the other side of the studio in fear. Cumberbatch takes the opposite approach after posing, taking a running leap onto the bear and pummeling it to the ground.

“You think I’m a cute otter?” he says before body-slamming the giant teddy.

Watch the insanity unfold below: