SPOILER ALERT: Do not read on if you have not watched the series premiere of “Scream Queens.”

The first night of Fox’s “Scream Queens” saw a slew of characters killed off during the two-hour series premiere — or were they?

At the end of the first hour of the “Scream Queens” debut, Chanel No. 2, played by multi-hyphenate Ariana Grande, was murdered in cold blood, being stabbed by the red devil, and then wrapped in a duvet by her same-name sorority sisters who stored her body in the meat freezer. (For those keeping track, that’s not the first body that was shoved in there — and it’s only week one.)

Following the episode on Tuesday night, co-creator Ryan Murphy tweeted to let fans know that Grande would be back.

Grande will indeed be back, Variety has learned, for at least three episodes. The platinum pop singer has already filmed two more episodes, and her next is slated to air next week on Sept. 29. After that, Grande will be seen again before the end of the season, though “Scream Queens” is still shooting.

No word on what form Grande’s Chanel No. 2 will resurface — flashbacks, ghost, in dreams, or perhaps somehow alive — but her storyline is a major plot point next week with Grace (Skyler Samuels) and Zayday (Keke Palmer) investigating her disappearance and visiting her parents, played by Charisma Carpenter and Roger Bart, as her murder was kept under wraps among the Kappa Kappa Tau pledges, besides Hester (Lea Michele) who stumbled upon the body.

The back-to-back premiere episodes ended with another major cliffhanger: fraternity brother Boone, played by Nick Jonas, who was “murdered” by the red devil in the frat house, was revealed to actually be alive, after faking his death and being released from the morgue by none other than his devilish “killer.”

Watch a first-look at the cast recapping Chanel No. 2’s death scene and the rest of the premiere episodes here:

“Scream Queens” airs Tuesdays on Fox at 9/8c.