It’s difficult to pry details out of an “American Horror Story” actor — but one thing is clear, this season is going to be a frightfest.

“We’re going to start scaring you now, and hopefully it won’t wear off until January,” joked “Horror Story’s” Matt Bomer during an interview at last summer’s Television Critic Assn. press tour at the Beverly Hilton hotel.

Bomer did offer some insight into his character, Donovan — his first as a series regular in Ryan Murphy and Brad Falchuk’s horror anthology series.

“He’s a resident of the Hotel Cortez,” said Bomer. “Like many Angelenos, his dreams didn’t pan out the way he hoped, and he made some (bad) choices in life. He has a very good relationship with his mother [played by Kathy Bates], which really bleeds into the other relationships in his life — specifically his emotional state and relationships with women in general.”

While we know that this includes Lady Gaga’s Countess, Bomer did allow that she isn’t his only leading lady.

“The hotel is obviously a character in the story; it feels that way when you’re filming,” he said. “You can get this sense that no matter who you’re in a scene with, you also have to think about what your relationship to the hotel is right now. It’s very much alive in the story.”

The show’s locale was also key, said Bomer. “We’re not missing out that we’re filming in Los Angeles … Like ‘American Horror Story’ always does, it has some broader social connotations and I think we’re going to capitalize on that.”

And while Bomer said he was the kid who grew up watching ‘80s and ‘90s gorefests, he said the style of this anthology is what drew him to signing on for a recurring role after guest-starring in an episode of Season 4’s “Freak Show” installment.

“They do the show so well,” he said of Murphy and Falchuk. “Even the grisly and more graphic parts are grounded in some type of human interaction.”

Even though he’s been a fan of “Horror Story” since the first installment, “Murder House,” Bomer said his favorite death scene of all actually happens this season. But he would not elaborate on whether his character lives to see it.

American Horror Story: Hotel” premieres at 10 p.m. Oct. 7 on FX.