American Crime” continues this Thursday with the sixth installment of John Ridley’s freshman drama.

The upcoming episode sees Carter’s (Elvis Nolasco) sister Aliyah (recurring guest star Regina King) desperate for contact with him while he’s back behind bars, following his failed attempt to flee the country with his love Aubry (Caitlin Gerard) who continues to be resistant to her family, as she’s being held in hospitalized care.

Meanwhile, Barb (Felicity Huffman) turns to the media in an effort to bring more attention to her late son’s murder case in her quest for justice.

Watch above for an exclusive look at King’s role in episode six.

The episode, airing April 9, was written by Davy Perez and directed by Nicole Kassell. “American Crime,” produced by ABC Studios, airs Thursdays at 10 p.m. on ABC.