Ovation TV has partnered with the Actors Hall of Fame Foundation to air the Actors Hall of Fame induction ceremony — marking the first time the event will be televised.

“This will not be a ‘traditional award show.’ There are enough of those already!” said Actors Hall of Fame president Rusty Citron, who made the announcement with Liz Janneman, Ovation’s exec VP of network strategy. “We wanted to partner with Ovation TV because, as the foremost arts broadcast network, they understand that an actor who has achieved this level of success deserves the respect and honor worthy of their accomplishments.”

The special, which will air in October, will honor 15 as-yet-to-be-announced actors for their career achievement in film, TV and theater. Past recipients have included Gene Hackman, Meryl Streep, William H. Macy, Morgan Freeman, Maggie Smith, Judi Dench, Kirk Douglas, Angela Lansbury, Julie Andrews, Anthony Hopkins, Robert DeNiro, James Earl Jones and Hal Holbrook.

“Ovation has been a supporter of arts education for many years, so we were delighted to learn of the Actors Hall of Fame Foundation’s mission to support drama programs across the country,” said Janneman. “Certainly, many of the actors being honored could not have achieved the success they have without the support they received from educators and drama schools. Ovation is pleased to be able to give these actors, and the mission of the Hall of Fame, a national platform for the first time this coming October.”

The Actors Hall of Fame was established in 2008 to honor career achievements, as well as generate awareness and resources to restore and support dramatic arts education programs. Consideration for this year’s inductees began on June 1. Voting is managed by the Actors Hall of Fame Board of Electors, which is comprised of dramatic arts educators and artistic directors from universities and theaters around the world who have been invited to participate by the Actors Hall of Fame Foundation.