There’s mystery, an unexplained confrontation and even some blood in the first trailer for Will Ferrell and Kristen Wiig’s take on the campy made-for-TV movie genre, “A Deadly Adoption.”

In the trailer for the movie that will air on Lifetime this summer, Ferrell stands in front a truck, driven by “90210” alum Jessica Lowndes, and Wiig holds a gun in what has become a pretty iconic look for many Lifetime movies. The movie centers on a couple, played by Ferrell and Wiig, who take care of a pregnant twentysomething (Lowndes) whose baby they plan to adopt.

But, as par for the course for these types of films, everything isn’t as it seems.

“You really are a strange girl,” says Ferrell to Lowndes, before chuckling.

The movie has had a strange timeline: When news of the film became public on April 1, Ferrell, who serves as an executive producer, declared that the already-filmed movie would be pulled. It’s clear, however, that that’s not the case.

Ferrell exec produced through his and Adam McKay’s Gary Sanchez Productions banner with Mar Vista Entertainment and National Picture Show. Rachel Lee Goldenberg directed from a script by Andrew Steele.

“A Deadly Adoption” will debut on Lifetime on June 20.