Sao Paulo-based Estudio Teremim is boarding pre-school animated TV series “Lulina and the Moon,” one of the 25 projects chosen to be pitched at Annecy Festival’s Mifa market.

Produced by Luiza Favale and helmed by Estudio Teremim founder Marcus Vasconcelos, project centers on Lulina, a young girl who, before going to bed every night, is taken to the moon by Nocturne, her fabric owl. Lulina and her friend George, who lives in the moon with Pepper, a pet dragon, illustrate their adventures on the moon’s white surface.

Currently in development, “Lulina” has already gathered financing support from Spcine, a Sao Paulo fund that backs the development, production and distribution of film, TV and vidgame projects.

“We have the main narrative arc, the characters, some synopses and the first treatment of the pilot screenplay and have boarded the first visual studies and the business plan for the first season,” said Marcus Vasconcelos.

“Lulina” could enter into production by next year if a TV broadcaster joins the project, kicking off with a 26 x 11 minute first season, which would be produced in 18 months, according to Teremim estimations.

Marking project’s international market debut, “Lulina” will be unveiled on Thursday, June 18, as part of MIFA’s TV Series/Specials Pitches Program.

“We are very interested in developing partnerships in different areas such as co-production, funding or distribution. Annecy will be the best opportunity to see how the industry reacts to our project,” Vasconcelos says.

Although “Lulina and the Moon” was initially launched as a 100% Brazilian TV series, producers aim to add international expertise and collaboration to the project. “In Brazil there are some good examples of successful animation projects internationally co-produced, and we would like to follow this model,” he said.

A promo on “Lulina” will be produced during the second half of the year, backed by Brazil’s federal Fundo Setorial do Audiovisual.

“Animation production is experiencing a good moment in Brazil. The government constantly releases new investment funds for the industry,” said Vasconcelos.