GOTEBORG, Sweden– Tony Grisoni, the well-known writer of BAFTA-winning “Southcliffe,” is now working on Paolo Sorrentino’s “The Young Pope” and China Mieville’s “The City & The City.”

Grisoni talked about what he was up to in Goteborg where he participated in a TV seminar.

He’s collaborating with Umberto Contarello, Stefano Rulli and Sorrentino to write the eight episodes of “The Young Pope.”

Grisoni, who is based in London, revealed plot details to Variety following his presentation of “The Red Riding” trilogy and “Southcliffe”.

“Sorrentino’s show is about an hardline conservative American pope ‘recruited’ by the Vatican because they’re fed up of liberals. But no one, even at the Vatican, is prepared for how hardline this American Pope really is,” Grisoni told Variety, adding that the series is expected to start shooting later this year.

The writer also said he was penning the adaptation of China Mieville’s fantasy procedural novel “The City & The City” aa four-part BBC drama. “It’s about two cities hat co-exist, right across from one another. But people from each city are not allowed to breach into the other side or even look at each other because it’s a “sin, crime, taboo,” explained Grisoni. “It’s Belfast, Jerusalem, parallel universes (…) it’s many things, depending on our own interpretation,” added Grisoni. He’s now finishing the first draft of all four episodes.

Grisoni is also developing TV movie, a psychological thriller based on an original idea, with Channel 4 and is aiming to direct it.