MIPCOM: Portuguese Redo of ‘La Patrona’ Debuts On Top

Telemundo Internacional supports the production of 'Santa Barbara,' TVI's adaptation of 2013 hit telenovela


Telenovela “Santa Barbara,” the Portuguese adaptation of Telemundo’s hit “La Patrona,” debuted successfully Sept. 28 on conglom Media Capital’s TVI network, becoming the most watched show in Portugal in its broadcasting TV slot.

Aired from 10.20 p.m. primetime, new TV fiction’s first episode scored a 12.7 rating and 31.3% audience share, facing off with “Coraçao d’Ouro” and “Poderosas,” two Portuguese telenovelas which, broadcast by TVI rival channel SIC, averaged a 26.5% share while coinciding with “Santa Barbara.”

“We are very pleased with the results of ‘Santa Barbara’s’ premiere and are confident that the Portuguese audience will continue to be enthralled with this great story,” said Karina Etchison, SVP of cable programming & sales for Europe, Middle East, and Africa at Telemundo Internacional.

Produced by TVI sister company Plural Entertainment, with Telemundo Internacional’s full support, “Santa Barbara” marks the second adaptation that Telemundo has worked on with TVI after “Belmonte,” the Portuguese remake of TVN Chile’s 2008 muti-versioned telenovela “Hijos del Monte.”

“We hope to continue working on this alliance harvesting quality products that the public wants to see”, Etchison said.

“Santa Barbara,” the first production in HD format that TVI broadcasts, turns on Gabriela, a young miner who, after being the victim of countless injustices, returns to make her enemies pay for all of the damage that they did to her, while struggling with her own feelings of revenge when reuniting with the love of her life. The story takes place in Santa Barbara, a forgotten town that begins to make a comeback with the discovery of a gold mine.

La Patrona” was produced in 2013 by Telemundo Studios in partnership with top Mexican TV company Argos Comunicacion.

TVI has stayed true to the original story, investing in lavish sets, cutting edge technology and top talent, Telemundo said in a statement.