Globo’s ‘Precious Pearl’ Telenovela Marks U.S. Debut on Telemundo

Int’l Emmy-winning mega-production reached 26 million viewers a day in Brazil

Telemundo Bows Globo’s Intl. Emmy-Winning ‘Precious

Globo’s 2014 International Emmy-winning telenovela “Precious Pearl” will have its U.S. debut today Monday, Aug. 31, on NBCU’s Spanish-language network, Telemundo.

A mega-production by the Brazilian media giant that shot on location in the Himalayas, and features period sets and costumes, “Precious Pearl” reached an average 26 million viewers a day in Brazil, per audience measurement org Ibope.

It takes over the 12 pm ET slot of “The Clone,” the original Brazilian production that was also remade into a groundbreaking co-production between Globo and Telemundo, the biggest production in Telemundo’s history.

Produced by Bogota-based RTI Prods., “The Clone” remake, which aired at primetime on Telemundo, was shot in HD in Morocco, Miami and Colombia. Both companies have also co-produced “My Dear Handyman,” a re-telling of “Looks & Essence,” by Aguinaldo Silva.

“Precious Pearl” centers on a love story between working-class Amelia (Bianca Bin, “The Enchanted Tale”) and millionaire Franz Hauser (Bruno Gagliasso, “Merciless”), and little Pearl, the daughter they have despite opposition from both families and society.

“Precious Pearl” has also sold to Telemundo Puerto Rico.

In January, “Precious Pearl” debuted on Uruguay’s Teledoce, where it was the second most watched program in the country during its first week of broadcasting. The telenovela has also been licensed to media group EPG (South Korea), Armenia Public TV (Armenia) and TV5 channel (Mongolia).