Botticelli, Leonardo and Michelangelo will be coming soon to a theatre near you, or alternately into your home.

Pan-European pay-TV operator Sky and Italy’s Nexo Digital on Tuesday world-preemed their “Florence and the Uffizi Gallery 3D/4K” in Florence ahead of the high-profile art docu’s limited outing in 250 Italian movie theatres in November, segued by theatrical releases in 60 territories besides pay-TV play.

Produced with backing from the City of Florence and Italy’s Culture Ministry, the cutting edge pic uses 3D and 4K technologies as well as state-of-the art modeling and image dimensionalisation techniques to provide what is being touted as a multidimensional and multi-sensory way of discovering the leading Renaissance figures and the Uffizi Gallery.

It includes Leonardo da Vinci’s masterpiece “Adoration of the Magi” which being is unveiled in the film for the first time since being removed from display in 2011 for restoration work.

Other highlights include Michelangelo’s David, Leonardo’s Annunciation, Birth of Venus by Botticelli and the Shield of Medusa by Caravaggio. Also featured are aerial images of the city that gave birth to the Renaissance using a helicopter drone, including the Piazza della Signoria captured at dawn.

The narration is by British these Simon Merrells, who plays Crassus in “Spartacus” on Starz.

The “Uffizi” pic segues from Murdoch-owned Sky and Nexo’s groundbreaking “Vatican Museums 3D,” which was beamed to 2,000 screens across 60 countries and also aired on Sky. Both pics mark a standout case of a new business model that mixes event cinema and prestige TV.

Since launching it at the Cannes mart Nexo, which is distributing in Italy, sold “Uffizi” widely, including to the U.K., U.S., Germany, France, Belgium, the Netherlands, Scandinavia, and Japan.