In Mexico, where roughly half the population is below the age of 15, digital media use is growing exponentially and effecting radical change in the country’s TV landscape. Market leader Televisa Group has been responding to the change for the past three years with the launch of over the top platforms, mobile apps and the production of programs aimed at the coveted millennial demo, aged 25-35. According to research company emarketer.com, desktop and smartphone household penetration in Mexico was at 55% in September last year. Smartphone users, numbering 41.5 million this year, are projected to reach 63.5 million in 2018, half the country’s population.

Televisa’s latest innovation is an interactive app where viewers can delve behind the scenes and read in-depth descriptions of characters and discussions of the theme in “Logout,” a new series about a young man who gets entangled in the “deep web,” the Internet netherworld where drugs, weapons, and other illegal contraband circulate. The “Logout” app synchronizes automatically with the TV series upon tuning into the audio on the user’s television. So far the app has been downloaded 100,000 times and has posted an average 35,670 users while the series has been on air.

“Our main programming, telenovelas and sports, are live-driven, but we’ve seen increased use of second-screen platforms,” said Manuel Gilardi, Televisa’s VP of New Media & Digital.

The media giant is also developing phone apps for its music programs and other sporting events. Televisa has noted an average 20 million downloads of all its digital offerings over the past 18 months, said Gilardi. The recent soccer World Cup saw increased viewings on Televisa’s digital platforms, he noted. “Smartphone penetration is increasing but socioeconomic factors could slow it down as well,” he said.