Disney has inked a major deal with Israel’s Snowball Studios to produce a new animated television series in Jerusalem, in one of several new long-term animation deals announced this week by the Jerusalem Film Fund.

The deal culminates months of work by the fund and the city of Jerusalem, which has been courting animators as part of a larger drive to bring international film and TV production to the heart of Israel’s capital.

Among the other deals in the works is a series called “Polarizers” from Los Angeles-based studio the Operating Room, headed by Israeli Oded Turgeman.

The Jerusalem Film Fund estimates that the animation projects will net Jerusalem around $5 million over the course of the next two years. Snowball Studios will reportedly open a new Jerusalem studio specifically for the project, and the Jerusalem Film Fund will offer all of the studios in the deals a 25% rebate on their Israeli expenses in exchange for working in Jerusalem.