Colombia’s Caracol TV is launching its latest mega-production “The White Slave” at NATPE, in keeping with its mandate to produce one to two large-scale telenovelas a year.

Featuring up to 11 exotic locations in Colombia, authenticated period costumes and up to 400 extras in battle and village scenes, “The White Slave” took seven months to shoot after five months of development and pre-production. It turns on a marchioness from Spain who people think has returned to marry a rich merchant but is in fact scheming to help free the slaves who raised her when her parents were killed. Spanish Goya-winning thesp Nerea Camacho plays the marchioness and leads Caracol’s most international cast to date, including Spain’s Miguel de Miguel, Venezuelan actor Luciano D’Alessandro, Cuba’s Dorian Suarez, Panamanian Miroslava del Carmen and Puerto Rican Modesto Lacen, among others.

The 60-episode telenovela was shot on Sony F55 cameras to contribute to its richly cinematic look.

Ever since making its first mega-production, 2012’s “Pablo Escobar, El Patron del Mal,” Caracol has invested the most among Latin America’s Spanish-speaking broadcasters on more ambitious productions, at a par with Brazil’s Globo. “The success of “Narcos” on Netflix has led viewers to link to “Pablo Escobar” and given us more recognition as makers of quality content,” said Caracol’s VP of Int’l Sales, Lisette Osorio. “We are now producing mega productions with 4k shot in 100% exteriors, which increase the production costs but allow us to deliver the best productions possible to our audiences,” she said.

Caracol’s next mega production, although not on the scale of “The White Slave,” will be presented at the LA Screenings in May. Tentatively titled “La Nina,” the telenovela is based on a true story of a 10-year old girl who was kidnapped by rebels and became a guerilla fighter. “It’s quite topical given the pending peace accord between the government and the FARC guerilla forces.”