Brazilian TV giant Globo, Latin America’s biggest broadcaster, has started production on awaited telenovela “A Regra do Jogo” (The Rule of the Game), which marks creator Joao Emanuel Carneiro’s follow-up to world hit “Brazil Avenue.”

Described by Globo as a contempo telenovela, with doses of suspense, love and humor, “The Rule of the Game” is directed by Emmy Award-winning writer-helmer Amora Mautner (“Precious Pearl”).

Shooting from the end of May on location in Rio de Janeiro, the city where the story unfolds, “Rule” turns on a former politician, a hero for the people, whose specialty is to reintegrate marginalized people, especially ex-offenders, into society. He is a man of simple habits, but his life is less obvious than it appears to be.

Brazilian actor-musician Alexandre Nero (“Empire,” “Looks & Essence”) leads a star-studded cast that also includes Giovanna Antonelli (“The Clone,” “Brave Woman”); “Trail of Lies” actresses Susana Vieira, Vanessa Giacomo and Barbara Paz; Caua Reymond (“Brazil Avenue”); Tony Ramos (“The Party”); Marco Pigossi (“Gabriela”); and Renata Sorrah (“Her Own Destiny”).

“The first month of shooting has generated action sequences, emotional and comic scenes, revealing dialogs, surprising meetings, and stunning images,” Globo said in a statement.

“The Rule of the Game” will begin to air in Brazil by the end of August in Globo’s TV primetime slot, replacing telenovela “Babilonia.”

“Rule” will be launched on the international market in 2016; Globo has already started international pre-sales, the company added.

Expectations are sky-high on “Rule,” since Joao Emanuel Carneiro’s previous telenovela, “Brazil Avenue,” broke several TV audience records in Brazil and abroad, being sold to more than 130 territories.

Aired March-October 2012 in Brazil, “Brazil Avenue” achieved an overall average of 42 rating points and a 69% share. The last episode scored an impressive 56 rating points and an 84% share, with more than 50 million (sic) viewers, becoming the most watched TV program of the year.

Confirming its universal power to captivate audiences, the telenovela reached on Telefé, Argentina’s largest free-to-air channel, a 21.9% audience share, with peaks of 28.4% in its final episode, being broadcast in a crowded Luna Park stadium in Buenos Aires in July 2014.

“Brazil Avenue,” which tells the story of a young girl who is orphaned by her stepmother’s greed and left to fend for herself at a garbage dump, was considered by Forbes the most-commercially successful telenovela in Brazilian history, with total earnings estimated in $1 billion, an unprecedented sum not only in Brazil but in all Latin America.