ANNECY–Atresmedia Television, one of Spain’s two biggest broadcastnetworks, has associated with European children TV giant Planeta Junior, powerful Spain’s toys company Famosa, and Kotoc, a Barcelona-based studio focused on creating CGI Intellectual Properties, to create “Mutant Busters,” a 52 x 11 min. TV series.

Atresmedia takes “Busters” Spanish rightsfor itsniche channel NeoxKidz. According to Atresmedia sources, it’s a step forward in its support for animation. “Our aim is to continue in the line we initiated two years ago with the creation of NeoxKidz’ creation, which has turned us into a reference for kids and youths programming,” Atresmedia sources said.

With Clan TVE and Disney Channel, NeoxKids is one of Spain’s three children’s channels. Series is inspired by a toys line sold by Famosa and targeting six-to-nine-yewar old kids. This toys line is accompanied by apps and augmented reality elements.

“Busters” depicts a post apocalyptic world, fruit of ferociously high pollution levels. Toxic gases have generated a chain of explosions, causing the world to split in two. One part is inhabited by humans –the “Resistance,”– and another settled by monsters.

“It’s like an ‘spaghetti animation’ skein. It could have been created by a Tarantino kids label,” joked Diego Ibanez Belaustegui, international commercial director at Planeta Junior. “We were aiming for a hilarious comedy full of mutant zombies, that kids love and they’re not able to get in ‘Walking Dead.’”

Planeta Junior was set up  in 2000 as part of Italo-Spanish publishing and media holding Planeta DeAgostini, Planeta Junior’s activity spans production, distribution and licensing of animation skeins such as “Sesame Street,” “Maya the Bee” or, more recently, “Bubble Bip” and “Sendokai.”

“We’re began to be involved in production in 2009 as investors or as co-producers, building up our catalogue. Our aim is to initiate two projects per year,” explained Ignacio Segura, Planeta Junior general manager. Planeta Junior handles diverse business areas in Italy, Spain, Portugal, Greece, Turkey, France and Center and Middle East Europe.

Planeta Junior has closed an extensive multi-year TV output deal with Dreamworks Animation. By virtue of this agreement, DWA provides Planeta with more than 1,100 half-hours of DWA programming and cartoon series.

Complementing the Famosa toys, the three last minutes of each “Busters” episode will be released not only on TV but also on digital platforms as well as PC’s, cell-phones and tablets.

Co-producer Planeta Junior handles international series and licensing sales. Planeta presented “Busters” at Miami’s Kidscreen last February.