As half of the most shameless couple on TV with Aya Cash in FXX’s “You’re the Worst,” British actor Chris Geere adds strong looks of judgment and disdain to creator Stephen Falk and his writers’ acid-tongued dialogue, gleefully attacking societal disasters like ridiculous restaurant seating. Here, Geere tries to define hipsters, and explains why you should never invite him to your wedding.

Your character, Jimmy, in “You’re the Worst” wasn’t meant to be a Brit.

A certain quality that Jimmy had I thought could be quite good British, so I gave them a British alternative, and the following week I was auditioning in Los Angeles.

Some of the things in the show are very L.A. Did you get those references?

There are a lot of connections between social life in both countries, but I am constantly in awe and learning about things that are very specifically L.A. Sometimes I’ll read the scripts and will have to research them or speak to an American friend.

What are some things you had to research?

I didn’t know what a hipster was because we don’t have that in England, I don’t think. Someone would say they dress a certain way and they have beards.

The first time we see your character in the pilot, he’s taking some rather unsuitable photos of himself at a wedding.

I’m very happily married. But weddings — you spend more money than you can afford to invite way more people than you need to, half of whom you don’t know very well or like, to sit in a room with each other and get drunk for 15 hours. It’s never going to turn out well. I try and avoid weddings.

Season 2 of “You’re the Worst” premieres at 10:30 p.m. Sept. 9 on FXX.