Mark Pedowitz has been guiding the CW as network president for just over four years from his corner office in Burbank’s Pinnacle complex. The inviting space is peppered with symbols of current success, from bound volumes of classic DC Comics to a signed poster of longrunning “Supernatural.” A custom-made Scrabble board framed on the wall serves as a reminder of previous achievements. The going-away present from when he departed ABC lists “generous” and “integrity” among his best traits. Then there’s the board with the current broadcast TV schedule, reinforcing his net’s sudden stability. The CW’s most-watched season since 2008 produced dual sensations in “The Flash” and “Jane the Virgin.” As he notes, “I hope we put the final nail in the coffin (of the perception) that we’re a young girls’ network.”

No one will mistake Pedowitz for a cat person. There’s an entire shelf behind his desk dedicated to photos of the various bloodhounds and Basset hounds his wife and he have rescued over the years: 14 canines in all. “My wife and my dogs are my center,” he says. The Basset hound statue was a gift, and the tutu a playful prank by a colleague’s former assistant. “I’ve just left them like that because I thought it was funny.”

“I have a bunch of ‘Lost’ toys around here,” Pedowitz says of the white Be@rbrick figure emblazoned with the Dharma logo. In keeping with the show, many of those knickknacks are hidden, Easter-egg style. “It goes all over the place.”

Not too long ago, Pedowitz arrived at work and found his parking space occupied. “I did what any self-respecting ex-New Yorker would do. I blocked the car and made sure they couldn’t get out. I told the attendant, ‘Move their f-in’ car. Tow it.’” Then he met “Jane” co-star Justin Baldoni for a digital pitch. “He was feeling good about himself, went downstairs, and realized he had parked in my spot,” Pedowitz laughs. “He sent that (sign) over. I appreciated that he has a sense of humor.”