SHANGHAI — Luo Fanghua, a producer at China Central Television, has been detained by Chinese authorities.

Her case appears to be related to possible corruption allegations, and also to the downfall of former political star Ling Jihua, whose privileges and protection were exposed in 2012 when his son was killed driving his Ferrari with two semi-clothed women.

Luo was related to Ling by marriage.

She and her husband Gu Yuanxu both worked on the same shows at CCTV in the 1990s, before Luo transferred to CCTV’s business channel. Gu has become a senior policeman, and local reports say that he is also to be questioned over possible corruption.

Since the beginning of last year, at least eight CCTV staff have been detained, including two of Luo’s supervisors and anchor Rui Chenggang.