Child 44” thrilled and chilled London’s Leicester Square on Thursday evening, for its U.K. bow at Vue West End.

Set in Soviet Russia, the film’s serial killer stalkers Tom Hardy and Noomi Rapace charmed the red carpet, in spite of their disappointment around “Child 44’s” abrupt Russian ban.

Rapace, a Swede who grew up in Iceland, said she didn’t find the Russian accent too tough to master: “I kind of melted into it and stopped thinking about it.”

Londoner Hardy found delivery of the Russian diction a more arduous task, however — with children’s television becoming his educator. He resorted to an accent masterclass led by a popular purple puppet: “I watched Sesame Street. The Count speaks just like it,” he quipped.

The bestseller’s author Tom Rob Smith was on home turf and joined his lead pair on the carpet to celebrate with fans.

Without an official after-party, Rapace ran to do more promotional filming for “The Graham Norton Show.” Hardy, however, took celebratory matters into his own hands, disappearing off post-pic with an entourage of pals for London drinks.

(Pictured: Tom Hardy and Noomi Rapace at the U.K. Premiere of “Child 44” at Vue West End)