Alejandro G. Inarritu admitted to a combination of exhaustion and exuberance after Wednesday night’s premiere of Fox’s “The Revenant” at the TCL Chinese.

“I put everything I had into this,” he said at the after-screening bash at The Lot. “My heart and my soul — it’s all  up there and it’s as good as I can do.”

Asked if he could go back and change anything, he flashed his trademark 50,000-watt smile and asserted, “No, I would not change anything. Not one thing.”

Well, there might be one thing. “The story is almost all true,” Inarritu said while introducing the film. “Well, not the bear rape,” he joked.

Fox had to put out a statement denying a Drudge Report article stating that Leonardo DiCaprio is raped by a bear in the film. Really, fur trapper Hugh Glass was mauled by a bear and left for dead  by members of his party during a brutal winter expedition in 1823. DiCaprio called the Drudge report “absurd.”

The almost year-long shoot stretched from Canada down to South America to chase realistic conditions. British actor Will Poulter, who plays a young Jim Bridger, said the freezing weather was an ally.

“It was very intense and incredibly difficult, but I feel it was very necessary to make our characters very real,” he mused on the red carpet. “I’d never been in that part of the world but I now know that it’s very cold.”

Domnhall Gleeson, who plays explorer Andrew Henry, agreed that being seriously cold helped him get into the proper frame of mind. “Learning the basics of survival was the key to playing the part because back then, life was day-to-day,” he noted.

Native American actor Arthur Redcloud noted that it can get quite cold where he grew up in the Navajo Territory, but added with laugh, “There’s cold and then there’s freezing cold in northern Canada.”

Melaw Nakehk’o, one of the few women in the cast, hails from an area at the 60th parallel north of “The Revenant” shooting location, was all too familiar with what the men were complaining about. “The weather wasn’t that hard for me,” she said.

Screenwriter Mark Smith had a similar reaction, but for different reasons: “Leo would get out of the water and they’d shove heaters up his clothes. I was in the tent, where it was 70 degrees, most of the time.”

“The Revenant,” produced by New Regency and Rat Pac Entertainment, opens Christmas Day.