Reese Witherspoon and Sofia Vergara became fast friends while shooting New Line-MGM’s action-comedy “Hot Pursuit” in Louisiana last year, documenting their “work wife” relationship on social media to the delight of fans. At Thursday’s premiere at the TCL Chinese, Witherspoon said she’s already got a pitch for her friend.

“I just got an idea for another project with Sofia but I’ll wait till we’re done on selling this before we talk about it,” Witherspoon said.

Vergara said in response that it would be a “dream come true” to work with Witherspoon again. “She’s so easy, super professional.”

“Hot Pursuit” is the third film from Witherspoon and partner Bruna Papandrea‘s Pacific Standard that’s opened within the last seen months following “Gone Girl” and “Wild.”

“I saw a white space in the marketplace. A lot of people weren’t developing movies with strong female leads, so I decided to start a company and that’s been our main directive,” said Witherspoon.

“Doing a comedy after doing two very serious films was a good shift for us,” noted Papandrea at the Hollywood Roosevelt after-party — dressed up like a quinceanera from the comedy. “Comedy is hard. I don’t think comedians get the respect they deserve.”

She noted that Pacific Standard has more than a dozen projects in development in a variety of genres, adding, “There’s nothing that we won’t do.”

Director Anne Fletcher said she’s pleased about the recent efforts by Sony to develop female-centric reboots of franchises such as “Ghostbusters” and “21 Jump Street.” “I’m so mad I didn’t come up with that idea,” she said. “‘Ghostbusters’ with chicks is the best!”

Co-star Richard T. Jones suggested “Goodfellas” with an all-black cast.

Fletcher mulled the movie with a female cast instead. “I think the world wants to see some tough, thuggy ladies,” she laughed.

One of the biggest hits on the carpet was Abby James Witherspoon, who plays a young version of her aunt’s police officer character in the opening sequence. Asked what advice her aunt had given her for the red carpet, she responded, “She told me to keep smiling.”

“I’m going to put her in something else,” Papandrea said.

Also in attendance were Joe Manganiello, Adam Shankman, producer Dana Fox, WB’s Kevin Tsujihara, Sue Kroll, Dan Fellman, New Line’s Toby Emmerich, MGM’s Gary Barber and Jonathan Glickman.