London’s Leicester Square hosted a dapper, very British affair on Wednesday night, when a league of impeccably dressed gentlemen — and accompanying ladies — sauntered along a rain-soaked red carpet for the world premiere of graphic novel adaptation “Kingsman: The Secret Service,” a Generation Y nod to 1960s spy tales.

The “Kingsman” spy alumni Colin Firth, Taron Egerton and Mark Strong gathered, all in suave tailoring, with Sofia Boutella and Sophie Cookson on hand to offer some non-suited glamour.

Even more British than the weather and the slick, Savile Row fashion, was the film’s conception. Helmer Matthew Vaughn divulged that the project came about while he was enjoying a pint in the pub with comic creator Mark Millar.

Millar’s fusion of black comedy and global genocide was precision planned, he disclosed. “When I was a kid, I watched James Bond, and I really wanted to be him. Now you watch James Bond, and he’s crying in the shower. It’s great to see a spy movie you don’t want to kill yourself after,” he said.

As a newly formed action hero and one of “Kingsman’s” paradoxically lethal gentlemen, Firth mused about his fight scenes from years gone by. “Tugging Hugh Grant’s hair in Bridget Jones — that’s what first hinted that I could be a killing machine!” he exclaimed.

“Kingsman’s” spy Michael Caine and twisted tech tycoon Samuel L. Jackson were both AWOL, but the flocks of fans were happily entertained as British pop group Take That trilled a trio of songs. Escaping the cold and the wet, guests trooped into the Odeon, ready for the action to explode.

(Pictured: Matthew Vaughn, Taron Egerton and Colin Firth)

“Kingsman: The Secret Service,” from 20th Century Fox, opens worldwide on February 13.