Fashionable stars Kate Hudson, Gwyneth Paltrow, Nicole Richie, Kelly Rohrbach and Chrissy Teigen gathered at Siren Studios in Hollywood on Tuesday night to celebrate the golden anniversary of luxury skincare line La Mer — created by aerospace physicist Dr. Max Huber in California 50 years prior, when he employed sea kelp in a cream he invented to restore the skin he’d burned during a laboratory accident.

“I remember the first time I used it,” recalled Hudson on the red carpet of La Mer’s elaborate 50 Years of an Icon event. “I grew up in Colorado, which is a very dry climate. And La Mer’s a really rich cream. I remember my mom, she purchased it for me one Christmas, realizing that my skin was starting to change and mature, getting very dry. Talk about a change from what I’d normally been putting on my face! So that was my first skincare product,” said the star of upcoming films “Mother’s Day” and Lee Daniels’ “Richard Pryor: Is It something I said?” (“I might go do another one in November, I’m not sure yet,” she added.)

And in response to Jennifer Lawrence’s recent protests about inequality in the industry, Hudson was quick to advocate for female empowerment. “I think it’s an incredibly relevant, important time for all of that. I think we have a long way to go. It’s a big subject for me, too,” she said. “We’ve made great strides, but we’re still not there yet. And I think the more that we support each other and get on board with each other, the stronger we are and the more things that we can achieve together.”

Hudson then put these words to practice, getting on board a cushioned seating area with female friends Paltrow and Richie, where the trio fraternized amid the space adorned with ocean footage, musicians, dangling dancers and blowup sharks, watching as the Atomics rocked the room with a few percussion-heavy numbers.

“(Hudson, Richie and Paltrow) love our product; they use our product,” noted Estee Lauder Companies Inc. group president John Demsey of his starry celebrity supporters, also expressing excitement about the launch of a new luxe-tier Genaissance serum made with crystals, sea kelp and miracle broth. “To start from one product and to become the leading skincare luxury brand in the world, it’s an amazing story,” he said.