‘It’s Never Wrong to Speak the Truth’: Lena Dunham Honors Judd Apatow at Rape Foundation Brunch

Judd Apatow Lena Dunham Rape Foundation
Joe Kohen/Variety/Rex Shutterstock

The Rape Foundation honored Judd Apatow at their annual brunch Sunday at Green Acres, the home of Ron Burkle. The brunch raises money for the Rape Treatment Center and Stuart House at the Santa Monica-UCLA Medical Center, which provides care for rape victims and sexually abused children, as well as prevention education programs.

Rape Foundation board member David Schwimmer hosted the brunch at Green Acres, kicking off the event with a few jokes, mentioning Donald Trump and the shuttle service guests had to use to get to Green Acres. The “Friends” star was visibly choked up while describing the number of cases the Rape Treatment Center sees per day.

Lena Dunham, who wrote about her personal experience with sexual assault in her book “Not That Kind of Girl: A Young Woman Tells You What She’s Learned,” took the stage for a surprise speech introducing fellow “Girls” producer Apatow. Dunham thanked Apatow for his advocacy for women and his support when she went public with her own story.

“I can safely say I would have not emerged from the darkness of that period without the constant check ins, sweet jokes and unwaveringly loving presence of Judd,” Dunham said. “But he was more than a friend. He was a consistent reminder to me of something his work has always represented, which is that it’s never wrong to speak the truth.”

Apatow, though notably delighted to be honored, joked that his main contribution to this space has been angrily tweeting about Bill Cosby.

“Someone has to stand up for these women,” Apatow said. “Someone in his community needs to call him out and say, ‘This is awful, you should be in jail’ and we all need to support the victims and tell them ‘we care about you and we believe in you.'”

President of the Rape Foundation Gail Abarbanel mentioned she told Apatow not to mention Cosby, but she didn’t seem upset. Abarbanel introduced three sexual assault survivors, who each brought the audience to tears.

One survivor detailed her experience of being raped for years as a child, but explained how the Rape Foundation has helped her move forward. “Instead of nightmares, I have dreams about my future,” the survivor said.

Other notable guests included Leslie Mann, Jane Fonda, Sarah Paulson and Christina Hendricks.