The cast of “Girlfriends’ Guide to Divorce” joined James Lipton Tuesday evening for a mock edition of “Inside the Actors Studio” to discuss Bravo’s first-ever scripted series, in front of a crowd filled with TV Academy members.

Following the panel, “Top Chef” Boston contestants served up the Universal Studios Hollywood reception with dishes from season 12 winner Mei Lin, plus finalists Melissa King and Doug Adams. King prepped scallop crudo with citrus, Adams served a Texas-style brisket chili, and Lin made her winning congee dish. During the tasting party, small bites including mini cheeseburgers, brie crostinis and kimchi falafel were passed around, and chocolate-dipped strawberries were the hit of the dessert buffet.

Before the party began, Lipton took the stage at Universal Studios’ Globe Theatre with “Girlfriends’ Guide” creator Marti Noxon and ensemble Lisa EdelsteinPaul AdelsteinBeau GarrettNecar Zadegan and Alanna Ubach.

In line with the show’s racy content, Noxon and the cast dropped the words “penis,” “vagina” and “jack rabbit” to a laughing crowd — quite possibly a first for “Actors Studio.”

Lipton brought up the unlikely casting of two leads with the last names Edelstein and Adelstein, as he asked the male lead his first question. Noxon jokingly pondered if they could be distantly related, but admitted she was never actually concerned because “they’re not really having sex,” which launched a conversation among the actors about the considerable nudity on the series. (Edelstein, a real-life newlywed, chatted with Variety and confirmed that yes, sex scenes are awkward, and no, her husband does not watch hers.)

Also during the discussion, Garrett explained her own similarities to her free-spirited character Phoebe, and Ubach, in the vein of her character, did a bit of ranting in Spanish. During a somber moment, Zadegan recalled when she was on the “Girlfriends’ Guide” set and learned of the death of her “Bengal Tiger at the Baghdad Zoo” Broadway co-star Robin Williams, an “Actors Studio” favorite. The emotional conversation brought Lipton to tears.

At one point, Edelstein also broke down, but with tears of joy. “I’ve never been given an opportunity like that,” she said of landing the role as newly single fortysomething author Abby McCarthy.

“Imagine what would happen if she won an Emmy,” Noxon quipped of Edelstein’s crying, at the for-your-consideration event.

Edelstein also told Variety that the series truly is her dream job, and she could not have asked for a better part to play at this stage in her career.

The “House M.D.” actress recalls feeling like she “better not f–k this up” when she got the part in Bravo’s inaugural scripted series, to which Lipton quickly replied, “May I say, as the host of the ‘Actors Studio,’ that you haven’t f–ked it up.”