The Emmy nominees were pretty light-hearted about the forthcoming 67th Primetime Emmy Awards at the Montage Beverly Hills Monday night for the Television Academy’s Performers Peer Group party. Although a very excited-to-be-there Anthony Anderson did jump the gun a bit when TV Academy Governor Bob Bergen announced his name to come up to the podium.

“Yes, I won!” he said as he attempted to take home the Emmy on stage that was larger than he was to laughs from the crowd. “Oh, so this is alphabetical order,” he joked.

Some Emmy vets and first-time contenders in the room were Jonathan Banks and Niecy Nash. Banks has received three Emmy nominations for three different shows in his career.

“Again, I say how lucky I am because the first nomination was what 27 years ago?” Banks noted. “I’d say I’m a pretty lucky guy.

“The evolution of your career, of your life, growth is always good. I grew into an Emmy nomination so I’m excited about that,” he continued.

Guest actress nominee Rachel Brosnahan said that she was straight out of drama school when she started working on the Netflix’s “House of Cards.”

“Beau Willimon and the creators of this show took an incredible chance on me,” she said. Although her character will no longer appear on the show, Brosnahan couldn’t be happier to go out with a bang.

“I think we saw this coming for a long time, Rachel had to go and I’m shocked frankly that she made it so long and very grateful that she made it so long,” she said.

Sarah Paulson was just as appreciative as the newcomers for her fourth nomination with “American Horror Story.” But her expectations going into the awards are no different from nominations in the past.

“It feels exciting,” she began. “I don’t have any attachment to what will be the outcome. I can’t control it, but I am really proud of the character I played and the work that I did.”

(Pictured: Anthony Anderson, Mayim Bialik, Rachel Brosnahan, Seth Green and Niecy Nash at the TV Academy’s Performers Peer Group reception)