Anne Hathaway was once known for light comedies such as “The Devil Wears Prada” and “The Princess Diaries,” but since establishing herself as a serious actress with “Rachel Getting Married,” she has largely focused on dramas. That wasn’t the plan, though, as Hathaway told Variety at the New York premiere of “The Intern” at the Ziegfield that she hasn’t been intentionally eschewing comedy, it just worked out that way.

“I follow the work, I follow where the roles are best for me, where the directors are most interesting, it kind of took me down a more serious path for a while,” she said. “That said, I’m very happy to be at a premiere where no one looks like they need a drink,” she told Variety at the Tavern on the Green after-party. “After my last two movies, nobody could talk after them.”

She said this is the third time she’s auditioned for a Nancy Meyers film, which features Hathaway as a harried CEO and Robert De Niro at the elderly intern that she comes to lean on.

“Bob De Niro fit the character so perfectly, but the real reason I wanted to do this movie was because I knew how much my in-laws would love it. And they are here, and they do,” she said, gesturing in their direction.

“The Intern” seems sure to prompt more think pieces than the Internet can sustain, touching on the current state of Brooklyn, the dot-com economy, the state of the modern American gentleman, balancing work and family and more. Though Hathaway’s character will probably get read as an example of the ongoing “Can Women Have It All?” dilemma, the actress said she doesn’t quite see it that way.

“The movie is about if people can have it all. Nowadays for the first time, women have more access to that question, and it’s going to be a complicated one to answer,” she said. “We can only answer it if everybody gets involved.

“Current statistics says it’s going to take 85 years for women to achieve pay equality, so I’d like to see it happen at a little bit of a faster clip. I see everyone here, and they were open to the story and they were applauding at certain lines. It was resonating. I feel like the consciousness is there, it’s ready. I think it’s just about all of us cracking through every ceiling together.”