With the opening of Broadway comedy “An Act of God,” Jim Parsons joins the venerable pantheon of actors who have taken on the almighty role of, well, The Almighty.

“It’s like having a mild drug trip, completely sober, for an hour and a half,” Parsons said after the production’s May 28 opening at Studio 54. “It’s as much fun and as much terror as I’ve ever had at one time.”

“An Act of God” opened at the height of the Broadway awards season, but it won’t be part of the trophy race in this year’s ceremony. It opened after the 2014-15 season’s eligibility cutoff — blame the availability window of an Emmy-winning actor on hiatus from “The Big Bang Theory” — so it’ll have to wait until next year’s ceremony to have a go at the awards.

But what does Parsons need a Tony for? He’s already divine. And the show’s giving him a God complex — in the best possible way, at least for an actor.

“Literally, an actor can do no wrong in this part,” he said. ” ‘I’m playing God. If you don’t like how I do something, tough cookies.’ It’s a feeling you should carry with you in every play you do! But that’s hard for me to get used to, because I’m an actor and I want to be liked.”

“Act of God” marks his third Broadway appearance. He’s a junkie for the “visceral, electric” thrill the stage gives him. “It feels like home,” he said. “But home isn’t usually this unpredictable!”