The 12th annual Brass Ring Awards was filled with golden moments at the Beverly Hilton on Tuesday.

Presented by the United Friends of the Children (UFC), the philanthropic event honored Amazon Studios VP Roy Price. Malcolm McDowell hosted the dinner and auction, which began with anecdotes of youth benefiting from the organizations’ commitment.

UFC alum Teffani Taylor teared up at the podium as her testimony moved the ballroom. “My twin sister and I were in turmoil, we slept at friends’ houses and our truck and homeless shelters. Every day I woke up remembering the dreams I once had. Then when I turned 21, like a beautiful sunrise I was introduced to United Friends of the Children.”

Taylor said the org helped her with employment opportunities at Warner Bros. and ABC7, and credited them for finding her an apartment.

When Lee Majors took the stage, he shared a personal story about “Little Roy” back when the actor was negotiating his contract with Price’s father, then-head of Universal Pictures Frank Price. Majors kidded that the fine print of his arrangement with the studio included swimming and fishing lessons for his boss’ son.

“It takes a village to raise a child; I guess in my case a backlot and development deals,” Price began. “United Friends of the Children is that village for many people now.”

Also in attendance was “Transparent” showrunner Jill Solowaywho mentioned that Price’s mentorship exceeded his role within UFC. “[Roy] is an amazing inspiration to me, the way he oversees us and he’s like a father to us on ‘Transparent’ and gives us all creative freedom.”

“Bosch” actor Lance Reddick echoed those sentiments when he came to support the head of his new Amazon family.

“I hate to sound cliché, but children are our future,” Reddick said. “For those of us who are fortunate enough to be born into an environment where we have great parents who were able to give us everything that they wanted to give us, an organization that provides that for children who have lost that is so important.”

Also being honored during the evening was community volunteer and Founder’s Award recipient Ande Rosenblum.

The auction of trips, food, and other merchandise raised $336,960, which topped the fundraising to more than $1.4 million over the course of the evening. The event also included a performance by Daniel Beaty. Among those in the audience were Jason Schwartzman, Gaby Hoffmann, Melora Hardin, Titus Welliver and showbiz execs Ann Daly, Chris Dodd, Jeffrey Katzenberg, Barry Meyer and Bruce Rosenblum.

(Pictured: Lance Reddick, Roy Price and Titus Welliver at the Brass Ring Awards)