Adam Sandler‘s “The Ridiculous 6,” the first of an exclusive four-movie deal with Netflix, weathered controversy during production when Native American extras exited the set due to the “culturally offensive” nature of the film’s humor. At the L.A. premiere Monday at AMC Universal Citywalk, Sandler praised the streaming service for their support and collaboration.

“They were very supportive, [they] had my back the whole time,” he told Variety. Sandler attested to Netflix’s contribution of original ideas to the production, which lent a fresh perspective on the western comedy subgenre.  The film follows the quest of a white man raised by Native Americans and his five half-brothers to rescue their kidnapped outlaw father.

“We were just trying to make as good of a western as we could make and we tried to make it as funny as we could make it,” Sandler said.

Director Frank Coraci also discussed the impact of the film’s Netflix release on their creative process.

“They allowed us to make a movie that might have gotten watered down if it went through a studio system,” said Coraci.

Because of the platform, cast and crew were able to integrate edgy comedy with the characteristic grit of a true western, he explained.

Sandler and Coraci were accompanied at the premiere by Netflix’s Ted Sarandos and “The Ridiculous 6” co-stars Rob Schneider, Luke Wilson, Terry Crews, Taylor Lautner, Danny Trejo, Jorge Garcia and Blake Shelton.

Coraci described the theme and plot of “The Ridiculous 6” as “pro-Native American,” as it follows a man’s journey through the wild west and his realization “that the values he grew up with [honor, trust and family] are the things that he gravitates back to.” The controversy was an incident in which cast and crew members of the production cite as a misunderstanding.

“When they were commenting on this a couple months back there was not even a finished cut of the movie,” said Crews. “Anyone who says there’s controversy has not seen the film, that’s just the truth.”

“The Ridiculous 6” will debut to Netflix subscribers worldwide on Dec. 11.

(Pictured: Luke Wilson, Taylor Lautner, Rob Schneider, Adam Sandler, Jorge Garcia and Terry Crews at the premiere of “The Ridiculous 6”)