The patio of the storied Chateau Marmont might be a tourist’s best shot at a celebrity sighting. But on Thursday night, the scene was decidedly less Hollywood and more like stepping into the high society pages of the New York Times’ Sunday Styles section. The occasion was to celebrate T Magazine’s inaugural “The Greats” issue, making its debut this weekend.

The issue has already generated a bit of controversy from cover boy Quentin Tarantino’s remark that Ava DuVernay’s “Selma” “deserved an Emmy.” Tarantino, who didn’t attend the affair, is one of six different covers, including Steve McQueen and Rihanna, also no shows.

But those who did make the scene demonstrated that when you mix luminaries from the art, fashion and literature worlds with those of film, music and technology, the dress code rises several notches. Let’s call it black tie casual.

Along with T Magazine editor Deborah Needleman and publisher Brendan Monoghan, those spotted among all the poshness included Tarantino’s interviewer Bret Easton Ellis, “Mad Men’s” Kiernan Shipka, looking like a well-adjusted Edie Sedgwick in her fashion forwardness, Rashida Jones, Miranda July, Nikki Reed and Carrie Brownstein.

Others who made the effort in style were Courtney Love, Solange Knowles, Grace Gummer, Lykke Li and Mary Elizabeth Winstead.

(Pictured: Miranda July, Carrie Brownstein, Flynn McGarry and Kiernan Shipka)