Tina Fey pretended to pop the question to her work wife Amy Poehler at the world premiere of the Universal Studios comedy “Sisters” at New York’s Ziegfeld Theatre on Wednesday night.

“In the state of New York, it’s legal now,” Fey said to roars of applause as she got down on one knee. Her introduction of the film, with Poehler at her side, played like an abridged monologue from the Golden Globes, which will be hosted by Ricky Gervais in January after a three-year run from the “Saturday Night Live” duo. Fey teased that she won’t need to diet this Christmas as a result.

“Amy and I vow to make a movie every seven years until we make 100 movies,” Fey said, alluding to their last onscreen pairing in 2008’s “Baby Mama.”

“Or we lose a pact with the devil and one of us ages,” Poehler added.

Fey not only stars in “Sisters” as the wild-child sibling who learns her parents have sold their family home in Florida, she also produced the R-rated comedy based on a script written by “SNL” writer Paula Pell.

“We all worked together at ‘SNL’ for a long time,” Fey said on the red carpet. “[Paula] would bring these old spiral notebooks that were her journals she found from the eighth or ninth or 10th grade, and they were hilarious. She was such a specific, sweet, nerdy child in her youth. The basis of her movie is her relationships with her sister, who was very different.”

The film also features supporting roles from “SNL” regulars like Kate McKinnon, Rachel Dratch and Maya Rudolph. “They made me audition naked,” Rudolph joked. “It was awful.”

Joining the cast is John Cena as a local drug dealer, a role the WWE wrestler landed shortly after his raunchy comedic debut in “Trainwreck,” which shot in Manhattan in 2014. “‘Sisters’ was filming in Long Island,” Cena said. “Word got out there — ‘You guys are looking for a big guy. This kid is pretty funny.’”

Director Jason Moore (“Pitch Perfect”) explained why Universal changed the title of the comedy. “It was originally called ‘The Nest,’ because it was about being pushed out of the nest, but a lot of people said it sounded like a horror movie about a bunch of bees,” Moore said.

The after-party was held at MoMA, where guests nibbled on avocado tacos, hamburgers and gingerbread cookies made to look like twin sisters.