Tony Danza shows off some mean tap skills in “Honeymoon in Vegas,” the Broadway musical that opened Jan. 15. What, you’re surprised Danza can tap? Don’t be. He’s been tapping since “Taxi.”

“I’m not bad for a white guy!” the actor cracked at the opening night party, held at the appropriately Vegas-y Hard Rock Cafe in Times Square.

Danza explained that one episode of “Taxi,” studded with fantasy sequences, required him (along with the rest of the cast) to come out in top hat and tails and dance. “We pretended to tap,” he recalled. “I was like, Okay, I gotta learn to do this for real!”

Danza puts his skills to use — and even some of the steps he learned from that first teacher — in “Honeymoon,” the first musical comedy from composer Jason Robert Brown, known for far more serious fare like “Parade,” “The Bridges of Madison County” and “The Last Years.”

“Comedy is really hard,” Brown said. “‘Honeymoon’ is the hardest thing I ever wrote. You can’t coast in comedy. You’ve got to get in a joke, and then another, or nobody knows it’s a comedy.”

Danza’s relishing playing that comedy. “I’m on Broadway in a show that people seem to really like,” he marveled. “It’s an amazing turn of events!”