The legacy of George and Weezy Jefferson has been credited with a great deal on many fronts: adding to diversity on TV, having one of the catchiest theme songs — and now, serving as the inspiration for New York’s On Location Tours, started by Georgette Blau in 1999.

“I had just graduated college, I’d moved to the Upper East Side, and I passed the building one day and thought, ‘Oh wow! That’s the building from ‘The Jeffersons,’ ” Blau says. “And then I started noticing that there are so many locations around the city, like the ‘Friends’ building. New York is such a filmed city.”

Blau has channeled her knack for spotting these locations into a flourishing tour business, which offers popular jaunts such as the “Sex and the City” tour, leading patrons to the restaurants and shops frequented by Carrie and Co. On Location’s latest endeavor is the Romantic Movie Moments tour, a pop-up that runs from the end of January through March 1 to celebrate Valentine’s Day.

“I wanted to call it the Chick Flick tour,” Blau says. “We tried to focus on ’80s and ’90s, and a little bit early 2000s films. I think that’s a lot of the crowd that we’ll be getting.”

This tour shuttles romantic comedy lovers to locations seen in films ranging from such classics as “Breakfast at Tiffany’s” to more contemporary titles like “Friends With Benefits,” as well as “You’ve Got Mail” and “Moonstruck.” Guides are actors or comedians who regale tourgoers with trivia questions from the films involved.

Blau especially loves to visit spots from Nora Ephron films, particularly “When Harry Met Sally.” “One of my favorite locations is the Christmas tree shop where she brings the Christmas tree home with Harry, and then next year, she’s lugging it alone,” Blau says.

The entrepreneur jokes that her sharp eye for filmed locations was not always taken seriously. “My mother over the years started saying, ‘Why are you watching so much TV?’ she says. “I was like, ‘Mom, I’m working!’”