Beliebers and non-Beliebers alike better prepare themselves: Justin Bieber will be appearing on “Today” several times in September.

Starting on Sept. 3, “Today” will air an interview with Bieber over multiple days, which will then culminate with a live performance by JB himself on Thursday, Sept. 10.

Bieber has been blowing up on social media after dropping his new soul-searching single “What Do You Mean?” Friday morning. The lyric video for the song, which asks many introspective relationship questions, has skaters Ryan Sheckler and Chelsea Castro skateboarding around Los Angeles in slow motion before a shirtless Bieber appears to show off his skills on the board. The single dropped ahead of Bieber’s fourth LP, which will debut  Nov. 13.

The singer will perform “What Do You Mean?” on MTV’s 2015 Video Music Awards this Sunday before inevitably bringing it to “Today.”

Update: Based on an erroneous report from Rolling Stone, this article previously stated that Bieber’s weeklong residency would be on “The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon.” Bieber will appear on “The Tonight Show,” but only on Sept. 2.