John Carpenter To Perform His Film Scores for First Time at Iceland Festival

John Carpenter to Perform Scores for
Courtesy of ATP

Joining the growing ranks of film composers who have taken to the concert stage to present their work, writer-director-producer-scare meister John Carpenter, also known for scoring many of his own films, is making his live music debut at the All Tomorrow’s Parties festival in Keflavík, Iceland.

The performance will mix scores from such Carpenter films as “Halloween,” “Christine” and “They Live” with selections from Carpenter’s first non-film recording, “Lost Themes” (on the Sacred Bones label).

Carpenter’s son, Cody (of the band Ludrium), and his godson Daniel Davies — both of whom are featured on the “Lost Themes” album — along with a full band, will accompany Carpenter, who’s known for his minimalist, synthesizer-driven themes.

In its review, Pitchfork called “Lost Themes” “a set of independent compositions that echo the sinister tones of the director’s film work,” with each track “a sort of mini-score unto itself, shuffling a theme through a variety of moods and variations.”

Carpenter will take the stage in July, 2016. His beloved “Halloween” thriller will return to cinemas for one night only on Thursday, Oct. 29. The event will include a special introduction to the film by Carpenter himself.

More information on Iceland’s ATP fest is available here. Tickets to the festival are available now.

Watch ATP’s announcement of Carpenter’s performance below: