Beck won big at the Grammys earlier this month, pulling in trophies for best rock album and album of the year, but his awards were overshadowed by Kanye West’s now-infamous stage rush.

So what does Beck think about West pretending to interrupt his acceptance speech, as he did to Taylor Swift at the VMAs?

“You know. I don’t know. I think the whole thing is… it’s just one of those things that plays out, like a top that spins,” the rocker told Variety at Elton John’s Oscar viewing party Sunday night. “I really just try and not to take it personally.”

Beck seemingly still respects West as an artist, adding, “There are so many musicians who I admire and look up to and get inspired by and just when I think all the good songs that have been written already, and [then] someone goes and does something — and Kanye has done that many times.”

As for Beck’s Oscar plans, he attended the fundraising fete with his wife, as a guest, though he joked that everyone was expecting him to perform: “No, everyone keeps asking that. Should I be?”

“It’s for a good cause,” Beck said of John’s AIDS Foundation viewing party. “He’s so generous and I can’t imagine all the different directions he’s going in and he still has time to do things like that. He’s a rare breed.”

Back to the Grammys, the annual Oscar party host doesn’t seem to be on Team Kanye. John commented on Beck’s victories, telling Variety, “I thought it was fantastic. I thought it was the most deserved win.”