Adam Misik, the son of Czech rock star Vladimir Misik, has been dubbed the Czech Justin Bieber. And while, like Bieber, he distributed his tunes online as a teen, Misik got an even earlier start in acting, establishing a career in TV and film in his native Czech Republic.


At school, he formed a band, called the Colorblinds, with friends. Their first gig was at his Catholic school. “I had that Jim Morrison vibe then, and I was 12,” he deadpans.


His father saw a performance and told him he should record a demo; he released a solo album in 2014. “My father made sure I got to know all the right kind of music,” says Misik, an R&B fan. “(He) told me all these stories about how he performed with the Rolling Stones after the Velvet Revolution.”


Misik fell into acting at age 6 while visiting his older sister’s play rehearsal. A casting agent saw him, and recommended him for Jan Hrebejk’s “Beauty in Trouble.” Since then, he’s been in several films, including “The Red Baron,” and has had roles in TV series, such as “Borgia,” which aired globally on  Netflix and Sky, among and other outlets.


In 2014, he decided to get serious about Hollywood, and moved to L.A. “I already had a career in the Czech Republic, but I’d gotten to a certain point where I wanted to explore something bigger,” says Misik, now 18. He’s auditioning for roles, working on his music -— and prepping for his senior year this fall at BevHills High.