Honeymoon’s over.

Producers of “Honeymoon in Vegas,” the Broadway musical that despite good reviews struggled consistently at the box office, have decided not to wait for a potential sales lift from the Tony nominations, opting instead to close the show at the end of this week rather than face further losses.

Even after earning a handful of prominent thumbs-ups, including one in the New York Times, “Honeymoon” failed to turn ticket buyers’ heads in a crowded season, suggesting that audience word of mouth may not have been as enthusiastic as the reviews. Weekly sales never once cracked $500,000, and recent weeks have seen the show play to houses filled to 60% of capacity or less.

An unusually large number of producers have placed their bets on comedies this Broadway season, but as “Honeymoon” illustrates, not all of them are guaranteed the kind of success that’s come to “It’s Only a Play” and “Fish in the Dark.”

With a producing team led by Dena Hammerstein and Roy Gabay, “Honeymoon in Vegas” stars Rob McClure and Tony Danza in a musical version of the 1992 Castle Rock comedy. Composer Jason Robert Brown (“The Bridges of Madison County,” “Parade”) and book writer Andrew Bergman (who also wrote the screenplay) penned the show, directed by Gary Griffin.

The April 5 closing of “Honeymoon” frees up the Nederlander Theater for another tenant to come in next season.