With ABC sitcom “Full House” surging back into the pop-culture conversation, a musical spoof of “Full House” has lined up Perez Hilton to star in the show, premiering in Toronto this summer before it moves to New York this fall.

Hilton announced Tuesday morning he’ll star in “Full House:  The Musical Parody!,” the new, unauthorized stage adaptation. In a meta twist, Hilton will seemingly portray both the “Full House” character of Danny Tanner as well as Bob Saget, the actor who played Danny in the 1987-95 series.

The project comes from co-creators Bob and Tobly McSmith, who have previously written and directed spoofy shows including “Bayside! The Musical!” (a “Saved by the Bell” parody), “Showgirls! The Musical!” and “JonBenet! Murder Mystery Theater!” The “Full House” musical, complete with original songs, hits the stage as a presentation by National Lampoon, and avoids legal repercussions over rights thanks to laws protecting parody and satire.

The production arrives just as nostalgia over the ABC series hits its peak, with a behind-the-scenes Lifetime movie premiering Aug. 22 and a Netflix sequel, “Fuller House,” in the works. The plotline of the musical centers on Danny Tanner and his rapid decline into madness.

“Full House: The Musical Parody!” kicks off in Toronto Aug. 18 and begins performances in New York Sept. 7.