Triptyk Studios, the production company involved in the upcoming Broadway musical based on Archie comics, has tapped longtime industry veteran Elie Landau to fill the post of executive producer as the company’s activities expand.

Along with the “Archie” musical, in development with writer Adam McKay and Funny or Die, Triptyk is also at work on miniseries and musical “Freedom Run” with NBC and Universal Stage, as well as a musical version of “To Die For.” Triptyk is also part of the producing team on current strong-selling musical “An American in Paris,” and is also involved in the “Amelie” stage adaptation that recently premiered at Berkeley Rep ahead of a presumptive Broadway run. Triptyk was also behind the Broadway-centric web series “Cubby Bernstein.”

Landau will oversee the company’s ventures in live theater, film, TV and digital, reporting to Triptyk’s lead producer Tara Smith and its artistic directors B. Swibel and Adam Westbrook. He was formerly associate general manager at 101 Productions, where he worked on shows including “Hedwig and the Angry Inch,” “Lucky Guy” and “Spamalot.” He was also on the producing team of “The Homecoming” and Will Ferrell vehicle “You’re Welcome America,” as well as the executive producer of the documentary “Paper Clips.”