Most Broadway shows planned to go on with regularly scheduled performances Jan. 27, after the blizzard that darkened theaters the previous night turned out to be less severe in New York City than expected.

Disney’s two productions, “The Lion King” and “Aladdin,” were the only shows scheduled to remain dark Tuesday evening. Disney had made the call to cancel on Monday, when predictions were at their most dire, and customer service for returns and exchanges had already been initiated.

Most of the rest of the Main Stem, on the other hand, bounced back after Monday’s Broadway-wide cancellations that shuttered the three productions that would have performed that evening. Everything from “The Book of Mormon” to “Wicked” to “The Elephant Man” to “The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night-Time” planned to go on with the show Tuesday night.

Despite the quick recovery, Broadway could still take an economic hit from the blizzard. Even with shows back up and running, some ticketholders could find themselves unable to make it into the city — particularly those coming from other parts of the East Coast where the blizzard’s effects have been more severe.

In the fallow weeks of late January — when advance sales tend to be at their slowest — many productions rely on walk-up business and more impromptu sales for performances occurring within the week of purchase. Such sales seem likely to take a hit, with potential theatergoers tempted to stay indoors rather than brave the cold and the snow.

On the other hand, city visitors forced to extend their stay due to the weather could find themselves stuck in the Times Square area with a free evening — and some of those might decide to take in a show.

“For those who are staying in hotels and can’t get home, it’s a great time to see a show,” said Charlotte St. Martin, the exec director of the Broadway League.