Broadway will go dark Monday night, with all regularly scheduled performances cancelled due to the incoming blizzard.

It’s rare for all of Broadway to go dark — in recent years it’s happened more often for hurricanes than for blizzards — but the Broadway League made the decision to shutter as the entire city prepped for as many as 20-30 inches of snow, due to fall through Tuesday.

The city ordered a travel ban to take effect at 11 p.m. Monday in order to get all nonessential drivers off the roads. Many Broadway shows would get out in the hour before then.

Certain movie theaters are closing up for the night as well. AMC announced that it was closing its theaters in NYC and Boston on Monday for the blizzard as well.

Monday is traditionally the day off for most Broadway productions, and that remains true even though an increasing number of titles have begun to shift away from the usual schedule: Only three shows had scheduled performances for the evening of Jan. 26. However, should the Broadway closures extend into Tuesday evening or even into the Wednesday matinee, the economic impact of the snowstorm would prove more severe.

Elsewhere across the city, Louis C.K. cancelled a Tuesday night show at Madison Square Garden, and the Metropolitan Opera nixed Monday’s opening night of its new double bill, “Iolanta” and “Bluebeard.”

“As a result of the travel restrictions put in place by government authorities and additional safety precautions implemented due to severe weather, the three shows scheduled to play on Broadway tonight have been cancelled,” said Broadway League exec director Charlotte St. Martin. “We will issue an update tomorrow morning regarding Tuesday’s performance schedule, pending direction from government officials about travel restrictions, transportation, and safety precautions due to the winter storm.”