Shochiku, the firm which is one of Japan’s big three film studios and the leader in Japanese traditional theater, is to launch a Kabuki show in Las Vegas in May 2016.

As a teaser to the 2016 event, Shochiku and MGM Resorts International will put on a performance in August 2015, inspired by Kabuki masterpiece Koi-Tsukami, “Fight with a Carp”. It will feature Kabuki star Ichikawa Somegoro and combine traditional Japanese performance art with the water and music show at Bellagio’s the Fountains.

“Shochiku is dedicated to preserving the tradition of Kabuki as well as introducing it to new audiences worldwide,” said Mitsuhito Hosoda, senior managing director of Shochiku.

The company operates Tokyo’s Kabukiza Theatre, the principal venue for Kabuki, a 400-year-old traditional art, which it is now combining with modern elements in order to attract new audiences.

The company said that the ‘Japan Kabuki Festival in Las Vegas 2015-2016’ would also contribute to inbound tourism to Japan.