Sailing into the always choppy waters of the Cannes Market with perhaps the strongest product lineup in the firm’s eight-year history, an increasingly diversified sales shingle IM Global led by company founder and CEO Stuart Ford celebrated Thursday on the Lady Jersey yacht in the coastal enclave’s St. Pierre Harbor.

Decks packed with Ford’s team and an array of international film pros, Variety‘s annual International Achievement in Film Award was presented to Ford by the news org’s vice president, executive editor, Steven Gaydos, who praised Ford’s leadership in what he called “the tough world of independent film sales and production” noting the firm’s 2015 lineup of projects such as Martin Scorsese’s “Silence” and others with stars including Nicole Kidman, Julia Roberts and Matthew McConaughey as “films that fans of independent cinema are eagerly awaiting.”

Ford accepted the kudo and credited “the IM Global team that has really earned this honor and will continue working hard to come back in eight years with even greater accomplishments.”

Attendees joining Variety‘s co-editor-in-chief Claudia Eller and publisher Michelle Sobrino included Cannes stalwarts such as attorneys Craig Emmanuel and John Sloss, producers Guy East and Nigel SinclairLauren Selig, Jeff Most, Chris and Roberta Hanley, Huayi Brothers co-founder James Wang, Republic Records’ Monte Lipman, Winston-Baker Film Finance Forum’s Amy Baker and finance outfit Prescience’s Paul Brett.

Stuart Ford is flanked by Variety’s Claudia Eller and Steven Gaydos.